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Baratta Veltende Carrara indoor and outdoor curtains

Who we are

Baratta Veltende Carrara is a company which has specialized in indoor and outdoor curtains since 1960.
A solid experience in the field of custom-made sun blinds and sun awnings in Massa Carrara.

Our products are elaborated with our artisan manufacturing techniques and characterized by an elevated level of customization. All our products are designed and manufactured internally, offering a highly guaranteed finish both technically and qualitatively.

Historically we are also famous for creating boat furnishings along with supplying upholstery items.

You are welcome to visit our showroom of fabrics and see our range of solutions.

The Staff

settore nautica


Technical Director, Head of the Nautical department





The tailor, awning and PVC roofing department


Awning and sun blinds department installer manager


Tailor in the nautical and upholstery department

What are we do

We specialize in the production, sale and installation of indoor and outdoor awnings and sun blinds in Massa Carrara.

Baratta Veltende’s core business is designing customized furnishings in refitting pleasure boats and yachts.

The production plant uses state-of-the-art machinery to create technical solutions with an exclusive design, combined with skilled craftsmanship to ensure a quality finish and precision in construction measures.


We have PVC, acrylic, cotton and mixed composite materials available, alongside carpets, rugs, upholstery items and technical upholstery suitable in indoor and outdoor settings.

Quality fabrics with an exclusive cut.
The company can count on the collaboration of the best specialized brands and is an authorized KE Protections sun awning dealer for custom made awnings and sun blinds in Massa Carrara.



Where we are

The company plant is situated in Viale Galileo Galilei 1 in Massa Carrara, 500 meters from the Carrara motorway exit towards Carrara. For information you can: call customer service on 058553266 fill in the request form for a quote by clicking here, or email us info@barattaveltende.com

Authorized dealer and installer

        boating furnishing

        opening time

        Mon – Fri  8/18 – Sat 8/12
        Mon – Fri  8/17 – Sat closed

        boating furnishing

        opening time

        Mon – Fri  8/18 – Sat 8/12
        Mon – Fri  8/17 – Sat closed